Şebinkarahisar – Ekim 2015


Summary Şebinkarahisar; It is a district located in the interior of the Eastern Black Sea Region of Giresun province. Şebinkarahisar; It is a district in the eastern Black Sea region of Giresun province of Turkey. Şebinkarahisar was a liva during the Ottoman Empire. In the Republican Period, it was converted into a province (province) until […]

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Sonbahar Ve Sis Manzarası
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Autumn and Fog Landscape

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The last leaves before winter. Autumn and fog landscape. 21 November 2020 in Giresun/Şebinkarahisar. As for the trees, the ones with yellowed leaves in the front are mulberry trees, the long coniferous tree in the middle is the cedar tree. The right-hand side is the leafless walnut tree below. The last green tree is the […]

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