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Our site Lavinya.Net was first opened in 1998, then closed, and has continued its publication life with various content since 2003, and since April 2016, old content has been removed and continues to broadcast only as a photo gallery and a photo sharing community site. In October 2021, design and infrastructure changes were made.

We use completely open source, free resources and software on our site. Lavinya.Net uses the “Linux Ubuntu” operating system. We use the Notepad++ text/code editor when editing our site codes, PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor, – Supertext Preprocessor, server-side, very wide use, general purpose, is a scripting and programming language that can be embedded in HTML) software, Mariadb database server, Apache web server, Clamav antivirus software.

For your opinions, suggestions and complaints, please contact us at the bottom of the page contact.

We thank you,
Lavinya.Net Management

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