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Summary Information

  • All rights of the site are reserved.
  • Photos (Creative Commons) licensed under Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0). This is a Free Culture License! This is the most freely available license. As long as the source is shown; You can copy and share the work in any format. This includes any commercial purpose.
  • Photos are strictly yours, so they must be your own. Using someone else’s photo without permission is a crime. If detected or reported, it will be removed as soon as possible.
  • Upload the photos in their original form, unaltered. There must be basic exif information in the photos. For example: Date taken, machine information, etc. If you take a photo by turning on the GPS, that is, location information on your cameras or mobile phone cameras, when you upload photos with such exif information, map information will also be displayed on the page of the photo on our site.
  • The responsibility for the content of the photos and user messages on the site belongs entirely to the user who wrote the message / uploaded the photo.
  • Make sure that political messages in the comments are not in the content that will force you legally.
  • Please note that in line with the new legal regulations, messages with such content may cause websites to be closed.
  • Any message that uses expressions that may provoke the reaction of official authorities will be directly deleted by the administrators.
  • Membership and use of the site are free of charge.
  • Your photos will be displayed on the site after review by an administrator, if deemed appropriate. We hope to review as soon as possible.
  • Daily per user; For security reasons, you have the right to upload 3 photos / 3 posts. We plan to increase this level in the future.
  • You can upload photos up to 16mb in size.

Legal Liability

Using “Lavinya.Net” (otherwise “we”, “us”, “our”, “Lavinya.Net”, “https://lavinya.net/”, “http://www.lavinya.net/”)  you agree to the legally limited following terms. If you do not agree to all of the legally limited following terms, then please do not log in and/or use “Lavinya.Net”. We may change these terms at any time and notify you, however You can continue to use “Lavinya.Net” by regularly reviewing these terms yourself, and you agree to the changes that may occur if these legally limited terms are updated and/or adjusted.

You agree not to post comments/photos that are abusive, obscene, vulgar, libelous, hateful, threatening, obscene or in violation of your country’s laws, the laws of the country in which “Lavinya.Net” is hosted or International laws apply. If you do not take these into account, you will be banned from the photo gallery immediately and indefinitely, and your Internet Service Provider will be notified if deemed necessary by us. The IP address of all comment messages/photos is recorded to help enforce these terms. You agree that we have the right to delete, change, move or close any photo/comment message in “Lavinya.Net” at any time and in the circumstances we deem appropriate. As a user, you agree that any information you enter will be stored in the database. This information will not be given to third parties without your knowledge.
This photo gallery system uses cookies to store some information on your computer. None of the private information you enter is included in these cookies, their only purpose is to allow you to browse the gallery more comfortably. Your e-mail address is only to confirm your registration and send your password (And to resend your password when you forget it).


Your messages within the system, the user information you can enter into the system and your e-mail address are private to you and cannot be transferred or sold to another site or company. Only when a legal request comes, your information can be disclosed to the relevant authority.
No e-mail with commercial advertisement content will be sent by Lavinya.Net site to your e-mail address that you use to become a member of the site. Site or general announcements can be sent via e-mail.
Our Privacy Policy


A warning will be given to the user who is found to not comply with the site rules. The user who persists in the same behavior after a second warning will be removed from the site.
As we have mentioned before, your information can be given to the relevant authority if there is a request from an official authority.
Lavinya.Net website had the right to make additions or adjustments to these rules if deemed necessary.


You can browse all parts of our site without the need for a certain membership. However, in some parts of our site, such as uploading photos and commenting on photos, a membership system is applied. The purpose of this is to provide you with a more comprehensive service and for security.

For your questions about terms of use, terms, privacy policy and the content on our site, please contact the contact section and we will reply as soon as possible.
By using our Lavinya.Net site, that is, by navigating, as a member, by adding photos and commenting, you are deemed to have accepted these terms.
Please do not hesitate to contact contact during navigation and usage or about the topics you are curious about.

Thank you, Lavinya.Net Management

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